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Dear Prospective Parents, Dear Prospective Parents, We are delighted that you are considering The OXWELL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL for your ward’s future. This institution has honed and funetuned a learning and life-skill system that has been envied and bench-marked across India and the region for many decades.

We desire to know about things around us, beyond us, before us, after us, within us, almost everything in the world This desired gives birth to the urge to the learning. We at OXWELL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL , PHULWARI SHARIF, PATNA encourage them to ask question and try to satisfy their curiosity, This interaction not only educates the children but also create a every healthy environment inside the class. This Website play a vital role in this direction. This is communication link between the institution and the student. Looking forward to your most valuable co-operation in the future. By the grace of GOD, we have been able to keep up our intention "Best Education of all".

Director: Oxwell International School

Principal Message

Education visualize dreams and dreams are the touchstone to Character School is a training centre for the citizen of tomorrow. Children must be encourage to think a problem and come up with creative ready by help of technical support.

Every new day brings a new experience to be felt and new mystery to solved. Finally, the future lies in the hands of individuals who to are ready to learn all through their lives.

Principal: Oxwell International School

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